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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Fashion Films

( Performance )

( Process )

I am one who loves to see a great film, though some of my friends might say different based on my movie collection. Wether it be a comedy or drama I like seeing films who's style suits the story. 
Now that fashion films are becoming a common staple at fashion shows, not just as openers but for brand development, it is easier to show a collections direction and full energy.

Gareth Pugh's fashion films with Raquel Zimmerman is one of my most favorite. I love the simplicity and the energy, and how much it suits Pugh's style. 

"On 20, 23 and 24 November 2009, world-renowned fashion designer Gareth Pugh took up residence in the LiveStudio to handcraft a one-off garment for SHOWstudio SHOP. The entire process of creation was recorded and broadcast live to a global audience, while Pugh's final dress was modelled by Raquel Zimmermann in a unique and truly unprecedented one-off performance."

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