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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Japanese brand VISVIM is always ready to take the next step in merging the old and new; old techniques with advanced materials and vise versa. The brand's latest collection of shirts for the Fall/Winter 2011 season is a demonstration of the philosophy brought to fruition - it is a compilation of very interesting designs that will surely set you apart from the crowd.

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Hiroki Nakamura, founder and designer of VISVIM, is a complex mind dedicated to finding innovative ways to produce quality garments that harbor a legacy/story and feeling - favoring some natural fabrics over synthetic or experimenting with synthetic fabrics in order to get a specific, organic feeling
“Even manufacturing fabrics I would like to give them feeling", says Nakamura, January 20th, 2011. “Corduroy is one of my favorite fabrics because it always has a feeling. To me corduroy doesn't look flat, so I wanted it to belong with the Nylon - Nylon Corduroy."(Youtube). Through this blending of fabrication, and utilization of innovation, designs are able to be realized without eliminating the authentic texture of the cloth.

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VISVIM creates clothing that appeal to a creative consumer seeking individual pieces that can’t be found elsewhere. If any of the shirts happen to catch your attention, keep yourselves abreast as the collection is due to arrive very soon at select retailers worldwide.

Here are a few films that were produced to give some background information on the production of select products, such as the Summit Papose Stripe Backpack (S/S 2011) and the Foley Folk Cordovan leather sneakers (S/S 2010).

( VISVIM S/S 2011 - Summit Papose Stripe Backpack [Youtube])

( VISVIM S/S 2010 - Foley Folk Cordovan leather sneakers [Youtube])

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