Ending Point

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Whenever I feel like life is going too slow for my liking - like attended a never-ending birthday party with a song that plays on repeat, and my "face" must be on at all times - I read one of William Nguyen's posts from his website A Lost in the Wilderness  and am brought back to my own reality, the plans I have made for my life.

The party of life can be distracting. For me it is more like a warm darkness being cut into by a stream of crisp green light dancing its way through the black. Through all the smoke and music, the plan is to get to the other side of the darkness more often then not. at times that can be a struggle.

Even in the darkness of life, like most people, I tend to focus solely on the destination and try not to be "swayed" by things that I feel won't aid in my journey.
Everything that you experience, everyone you converse with, every crack in the road you trip on aids in your development (keeping in mind the time speaking to whomever until the conversation has concluded is more filling than sitting on the ground wondering what part of the side walk I tripped on) do you get me?

Though life might be a dream in itself, as long as you know your path you can experience and know weather or not something is worth it. Your following your path.


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