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Saturday, 9 July 2011

NYC Dream

My brother has finally begun to set up shop in the colourful city of New York.
Working as a professional dancer (modern, jazz, ballet, etc.), and recent graduate from New World school in Miami, a move to "The Big Apple" was not too far off. 
I was thrilled when he told me that a few friends and him were moving to NYC to live out their dreams and make their mark in the dance world. They had already overcome their nerves in regards to getting jobs and auditioning from sunrise to sunset and not living in the best or safest areas, but I know they are driven as all the creatives must be - the life of an artist. 
Coming from a single parent family (with help from the VAST collective of extended family) my siblings and I have always been able to explore what we wanted to do and how we wished to establish ourselves in the world. Now that we are older we are able to live out our dreams wherever they may take us. 
This great leap for him has set a fire under a lot of young butts back here in Mississauga, Canada and I am excited to see where my brother and our collective of creative friends will be in a few years.

Bless Canadian talent - SCAT!!

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