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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I had seen this bag years ago and I had always wanted one. Just recently I had spotted it again on a blog I have now decided to frequent. The blog is called Yellowtrace, started by an Australian interior designer names Dana. 
She is an amazing person from what I have read and seen on her blog, twitter, tumblr and website - a creative individual sharing creative things!

The "Batchel" is a bad designed by the Cambridge Satchel CompanyThe company was founded in 2008 by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas as a way to pay private school fees for Deane's children. Her colourful handmade leather satchels are all based on an original Oxford and Cambridge satchel design [wiki]. It is the cutest most appropriate bad design I have ever seen. The client base rages from men and women, young and old, the straight edge and the completely ridiculous. I love the variety in colours, size and optional embossing you can have in your bag. LUV them!
Classic Satchel
Satchel music bag

( All images by Cambridge Satchel Company )

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