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Friday, 16 September 2011

Wagon Christ

( Luke Vibert - Perthquake )

Wagon Christ is really catching my ear lately. I am connecting with the artfully crafted sets that are organic in vibe and feeling, though they are purely electronic. Each set spills forth this wave of energy, propelling you forward and encouraging your mind on this charged journey, some similar to that of Diddy Kong Racing and Zelda, and some reminiscent of Erikah Badu's New America (1 and 2). 

After reading a little bit about Wagon Christ on Dazed Digital (, an interview with the musical wizard and dream maker Luke Vibert on his new album Toomorrow, I was excited to youtube this artist(s?). I put together this lovely mash-up-mix, adding every Wagon Christ song I could find onto a playlist entitled "house/lounge/break-beat/synth/trip-hop?".

While preparing my lunch and outfit for my Juicy job, I had listened to a good bit of this playlist - most of the songs from the new album. I was excited and energized to proceed with my day, and the bleeps, clicks, swirls, "Jungle Breakbeat and signature manic use of stolen acapella"(Maksymilian Fus Mickiewicz - Dazed) of each electronic masterpiece made me a believer in this Wagon Christ.

The New album Toomorrow is jazzy with trip-hop influences meshed with the original Wagon Christ sound. It is out now and I am sooo going to pick that... stuff up! 
Here is the title track from the new album, and I encourage all to get it:

( Wagon Christ - Toomorrow/Youtube )

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