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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Make My Life Badu

With manny names taged on her breast pocket, the ever evolving and inspirational Erykah Badu is a mother, songstress/sound-goddess, and voice of the neo-soul world.

Born in South Dallas Texas, February 26, 1971, (originally) Erica Abi Wright was an inspired and naturally talented individual. Performing from the tender age of 4, and with parents already active members of the artistic community, Erikah was always eager to create, learn and perfect her artistic crafts.

I appreciate her bringing African culture to the forefront of music. I have been forever inspired by her creativity, passion and willingness to experiment and broaden her artistic horizons, crossing all genres of music.

Watch this magnificent woman share her stories and inspiration, hopefully concluding some of the questions thought but not spoken about.

( Out Da Box TV - Erykah Badu )

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