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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

About me.

Ok, it has been a long time coming, but I have finally decided to write a little bit about myself.
I am reaching my "Champaign birthday" and I tend to spend most of my time on public transit thinking about experiences passed and experiences to come. I also enjoy reading fashion magazines highlighting the new up-and-coming creative individuals, affirming that I too will be a part of this creative collective of movers and shakers.
My educational growth and abilities have allowed me to be in spaces full of blossoming talents and inspiring people; Art school (elementary and secondary) where I specialized in Visual Arts while dabbling in photography, music and drama, (Fanshawe) Design College where I studied Fashion Design while still exposing myself to music/song writing, working for Starbucks Coffee as a Barista (love my job) where I have had the opportunity to converse with like minded, young, talented individuals (Markus Laczko of late Fashioning Man), and working for Juicy couture as a sales associate (love my job) gaining experience in retail.

Now that the next school year has begun, and I am no longer attending classes, looking for internships in the fashion industry is my next step - I have not been able to shake the feelings of excitement, fear, and determination. The rush of not really knowing what the future hold has always propelled me forward, pushing me to find out what is over the hill.

I know my path like most individuals I have read about will have a few surprising short cuts, some scenic routs, and even more dirt trails, but when I reach my destination I can stand up tall (or pose in the James fashion) and say, "Hey mom, guess where Im calling you from... I know right! Did you read the thing about me in ___ magazine? I know right!" - that is gold to me.

FYI, I intend on moving to England and working on Vivienne Westwood's design team... I know it's a far dream, but either go big or go home.

( Too much? )

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