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Monday, 26 September 2011

Take It Back to the Mother-Land!

In this opportune and oh so affluent age of digital everythings, and everythings made off shore, it seems like fiction to hear of a company that not only restores mechanical timepieces, but designs and manufactures their own collection on Canadian soil - it is TIME to take it back to the mother land. 

Barrington Griffiths Watch Co., founded by the industrial designer Mark Barrington Griffith in 2010, is a Canadian watch company located in Calgary, Ontario.
Their first collection named Modern Classic is inspired and crafted around refurbished Swiss pocket watches from the 1940’s. Although they use movements of Swiss origin, the components are made and assembled in Canada, following the Canadian Competition Bureau's stipulations for a "Made in Canada" product. Believe that!

The collection can be found on the Barrington Griffiths Watch Co. website. 
( Images by Barrington Griffith Watch Co. )

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