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Sunday, 16 October 2011

My Love - James Blake

I am slowly falling ever more in love with a man that shares the same name as I.
He is a musician who taps into an emotional place that is frightening and familiar for me. It evokes a long suppressed need for self reflection and analysis. The euphoric synth beats, electronic effects merged with his southing voice, strong and confident in its superlative imperfection, forces a calm upon your sea of unknowing.
James Blake is an amazing musician. He is real and honest with his music. I love the organic energy and "one take" philosophy that he has with his vocals.
He his musical journey the way most people are sort of brought into music - he played piano. Starting with the piano at 7, he allowed himself to be taken and guided by soulful voices like Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke and Joni Mitchell, just to name a few (some of my favorites as well).
I'm not going to name off all his accomplishments to date but I will be real and say this:
I love his music and how his influences, past and present, have shaped his musical style. I love his voice and, as he does, I love people who can sing and are recognized for their natural vocal ability and not just how they produce their voice.

He is simply great.

( James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream - YouTube )

( James Blake - CMYK extended remix )

Just wanted to put this in = D
( Stevie Wonder - I Believe - YouTube )

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