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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Drive Soundtrack

The track list for the movie Drive, staring Ryan Gosling, is a truly ridiculous. The movie is a crime drama that pretty much follows a stunt driver, who moonlights as a getaway, that tries to help extinguish a debt that this chick's (Carey Mulligan) husband [recently let out of jail] has with these gangsters. In the end I'm pretty sure like EVERYONE dies except for the Chick and her son.
Anywhoo, I love the soundtrack.

I love soundtracks to movies - 1. Because I love instrumental music, 2. I love hearing groups, bands or musicians that are not mainstream, and 3. I love instrumental music.
The songs featured in this movie [some made for the movie] were well put together and sought out. In the end, this album is a must have. The movie was grounded and brought together by every instrumental accent, electronic twang and swell that you hear. Some of the track titles are a little "O.K.?" but if you have seen the movie you will get them.

My fav song on the album was the closing track, "A Real Hero" by College ft. Electric Youth, 2 of my secret music crushes [now not so secret]. The dramatic silences and pauses leading up the song's first introduction in the film were perfect, and then the final scene of the movie where it is reintroduced made me choke.

( Drive - YouTube )

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