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Saturday, 12 November 2011

This entry is kind of indirectly related to the Tartine Bakery, but what the hey. 
I was working at my Starbucks 2 days ago and I had the pleasure of briefly meeting a customer by the name of Roberta [now a new facebook friend]. Seeing that our Holiday menue was up, I [bubbly as always] started introducing her and her friend to our selection! After they had ordered their drinks, I slipped in the possibility of a holiday pastry.
She gave me a smile and responded, "I can't eat anything with gluten in it!" I was a little disappointed that she could not enjoy one of our lovely holiday pastries, but her friend jumped in and mentioned that she bakes gluten-free stuff all the time and it was TO-DIE-FOR!!! She bakes all the time because most of her family is celiac (I think that's what it was).
p.s. I get excited over everything that is different because I find certain things like this fascinating. Our differences are what make us stand out as individuals - they make the world interesting!
ANYWHOO, I had told her that one of my best friends [Erica Henry] is also celiac and has to watch what she eats as well. I wanted to know if Roberta had a blog or Twitter or website with her baking on it and she responded, "No... People tell me I should start one but I never get around to it!"*
BUT she followed a blog called Eat the Love - Sweets for the Mouth and Mind! Such a "Savory" title, you have to check it out.
*To her no-blog response and obvi in the words of James, "WHAT??? WHY NOOOTTT??? You need to start your own blog. Better yet you need to write a book. OMG, I saw this video on where this guy started baking because he loved it sooo much. He opened his own bread place and, because of his passion, he drew sooo manny people to love the process of bread making!" = )
Even though I felt like I had scared this lovely woman, I had to share the vido with her...
AND now I am sharing it on my blog! BLESS and be blessed!

( from YouTube - Property of the videographer )

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